The Pinz

…took time to get just right, from how they secure themselves, the materials we chose and right down to the diameter of the head to ensure it was easily seen and could be effectively grabbed with tongs.

The Pinz are crafted out of a single piece of food grade stainless steel to ensure that the post never separates from the head. The stainless steel is resistant to bacteria growth. The way the post was designed ensured that everything is held in place securely but will not damage the meat when it is removed.

When you design something for a single purpose you can focus on its function so that it works perfectly every time it is used.

Toothpicks are often used for this style of grilling with terrible results. There are even multiple people who have died from accidently swallowing a toothpick. They burn up on the grill and leave splinters and fragments in you food. Grill Pinz is by far the best way to combine ingredients while grilling.

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