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Grill Accessories: Grill Pinz

POW TailgatingGrill Pinz are made from food-grade stainless steel and a solid substitute for those bacon-wrapping fans.

Just weeks away for the 2017 Texas Tailgate season and we’re checking out a few more products that we can add to our Tailgate Parties. Today, we are all in for a treat. Bacon is a must-have for grilling and therefore a must-have for a tailgate. But there aren’t too many tools to keep bacon in the mix. That’s why we were intrigued by a new product that came across our grill–Grill Pinz.  

Plenty of recipes start with “Bacon-Wrapped…” and in the past, toothpicks were your best bet for securing bacon. But you know the story, inevitably, a toothpick hides after you’ve grilled something up, or splinters off, or just gets charred to bits and gets in your food ….

Review: Grill Pinz

Grill Pinz are a cool new grilling product from Dan Cranston. He is kicking of a Kickstarter this month to be able to produce these stainless steel cooking Pinz. They are ideally built for grilling but can be used in the oven or where ever you need to hold food together while cooking it. They take the place of toothpicks.

Whether your making jalapeño poppers or bacon wrapped scallops these little pins will take the place of toothpicks. Where toothpicks can catch fire and burn, making them difficult to pull from your food the Grill Pinz won’t. They have a large head making them easy to pull using tongs or a gloved hand and you can see them in the food …

Bacon Wrapped Sundried Tomato & Feta Stuffed Chicken

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