Daniel Cranston

… is the founder and inventor of Grill Pinz. Daniel is like most of us and loves to grill. He truly enjoys experimenting with grilling recipes and trying new cuisines. It was in this capacity that he realized there was nothing available to attach bacon and other ingredients to his recipes. Most recipes called for the use of toothpicks. Anyone who has tried toothpicks is aware of the frustration as they burn and become a hazard by creating splinters in your food.

Daniel took it upon himself to design an innovative fastener that would work under conditions of excessive heat and would be visible for a safe removal. After two years of design enhancements and prototyping, Daniel developed the perfect solution: Grill Pinz.

Beyond Grill Pinz, Daniel proudly served his country in the American Armed Forces. He is strong in faith and fellowship and along with his family and friends has been working diligently to turn the American dream into a reality.

When asked about this project, Daniel answered, “What can be more American than taking an American idea, making the product in the United Sates and creating American jobs? And on top of all that, it’s all about Barbequing, one of America’s favorite past times.”

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